Tools of The Trade

Tools of the Trade

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I spend a lot of time traveling, attending events, and meeting with people at their locations, but I have to be able to keep in touch, do work quickly, and…

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Original Music & Video

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Been working on some music again and I whipped this up with Logic Pro X, a Line 6 UX1, an Epiphone Gothic ’58 Explorer, iMovie, and upcycled Guitar Picks. Give…


With Our Powers Combined..

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I wanted to share a tweet I just fired off to show an example of using  multiple revenue streams in tandem. Here it is – Do you even #upcycle? Picks…


The New

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Launched the new yesterday.  WyCo Vintage is the world’s most trusted source for authentic vintage t-shirts. Their rotating inventory contains over 2k unique items that are sold across multiple…

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How to Get Google to Instantly Index Your New Website, FASTER!

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This article crushes.  Anybody that maintains their own website should read this. A common question I get from people is – How do I get people to go to my…


Go Fund Yourself – A Collaboration with Little Class Records

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I can't stand crowd-funding. Make a product and sell it. Put on a show and sell a ticket. WORK. WORK HARD. Jody Hendrix & the crew at Little Class Records...